Liquid soil Stabilizer

LIQUID SOIL STABILIZER RP 500 for soil stabilization of in situ material and betterment of road

One of the reason why some roads fail prematurely is due to the use of unsuitable base or sub-base materials. Conventionally, base or sub-base materials are usually imported form other locations. This invariably adds to the haulage cost of road construction add maintenance.


The use of soil stabilisers enhances the quality of any available in-situ material. Earth roads are also improved when in-situ earth materials are treated with appropriate soil stabilisers.

The deteriorating condition of most shoulders still pose threat to carriageway. Shoulders protect carriageway and provide safety in terms of emergency off-carriageway manoeuvres. 

Less attention has been given to shoulders improvement, even when any work is earmarked on shoulders, the base material used and the workmanship rarely equals to that of initial construction.