ROAD PLUS road mat is the first of its kind in Nigeria, manufactured from 100% local raw material. ROAD PLUS Road mat is a prefabricated road maintenance product on Kraft paper onto which bitumen mixed with crumb rubber holds a compacted aggregate of various sizes depending on the intended usage.

It is supplied in sheets of 1.0m x 0.75m, the weight varies between 4kg and 25kg depending on the size of aggregate used. The product is highly flexible and totally waterproof. Aggregate sizes used ranges from 2.75mm – 19mm, mixed with 9.5mm. The road mat would adhere to most surfaces using 60%-65% cationic emulsion. It should be on a stable chip seal, asphaltic surface, concrete, base course, timber and steel surfaces. It comprises of 60/70 bitumen, Kraft paper, Aggregate and crumb rubber.

They are quick and simple to install on site, providing a cost effective, safe solution with minimum disruption to traffic. Bitumen emulsion or S125 is required for laying of the product on adequately compacted road base or surface. The basic tools used for laying are, broom, knife, brush, chalk and tape.

The product could be supplied as either, road patching mat, crack sealing strips, traffic calming and safety devices. It is a good preventive maintenance road product.


  • Pothole patching.
  • Crack sealing.
  • Rut filling.
  • Longitudinal crack repair.
  • Crocodile crack repair.
  • Block crack repair.
  • Edge break repair.
  • Traffic Calming and Safety alert device
  • Sealing around manhole.

Car parks for hotels, schools, roofing, residential and shopping complexes


  • There is no wastage.
  • Product is light weight.
  • Requires no roller.
  • Product is cold supplied.
  • Longer shelf life.
  • No expensive tool is required.
  • Completed project is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Can be applied in multilayers.
  • Could be produced in various aggregate sizes.
  • Highly flexible and totally water proof.
  • The product is versatile.
  • Improves area with poor skid condition.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Surface minimal chip loss.
  • Can be utilised in multi-layer.


  • Store flat on a level, dry surface.
  • Store paper side downward.
  • Store out of sunlight.
  • If stored in this manner, the product has a shelve life of about 9-12 months