Modified Bitumen RP200

ROAD PLUS modified bitumen is produced by ROAD PLUS AFRIK LTD. It is produced by modifying straight run bitumen for use in the production of asphaltic surfacing materials. ROAD PLUS modified bitumen RP200 is a highly surface-active asphalt additive.

It is used for applications where wetting and bonding aid is needed in asphalt. It promotes strong bond between asphalt and moist aggregate and other surfaces. It ROAD PLUS proprietary modified bitumen used in the production of cold asphalt


  • Modified Bitumen is mixed with aggregate (dust, 3/8, ½ etc.) to produce asphalt
  • Increases bonding and anti-stripping properties of asphalt
  • Displaces water from the surface of moist or wet aggregate to permit a strong asphalt bond
  • It is used to delay hardening of hot mix asphalt especially where long haulage is required.
  • It can also be added to hot mix asphalt where long haulage hours and distances are required.


  • Enhances bonding of asphalt cement to aggregate resulting in a pavement with higher tensile strength
  • Inhibits breakdown asphalt cement/aggregate bonding and thus further extending the life of the road
  • Low Odor 


ROAD PLUS modified bitumen E200 Series is available in drums of 20 ,50-, 100- & 200-litres’ containers.


24 months from date of manufacture in packed container.